<strong>Eve Loo</strong>

Career Construction Masterclass – Enhanced Sept 2021

“Coming from the field of Positive Psychology and being a Positive Psychology coach, CCI offers me a different yet similar methodology in counseling. I’m able to use it very often during my practice and my interaction with clients. I will love to attend his practicum to learn more from him, getting his advice while advancing my career being a career coach and positive psychology coach.”

Eve Loo

Positive Psychology Coach & Practitioner

<strong>Christopher Yip</strong>

The Talent Revolution Masterclass Oct 2021

“The masterclass was very informative and helpful for those who have to grapple with ageism in the workplace. The insights into why ageism is insidious and tips on how to talk about the flawed assumptions about what older workers can and cannot do are very practical. I found the extensive research that Lisa and her team at the Challenge Factory curated and shared in the content to be particularly informative. I highly recommend this masterclass.”

Christopher Yip

Deputy Director, Career Practitioners Division

“Trainer presented real examples that resonated very well with the topic.
(I have learned to) Give older workers an equal opportunity to contribute and tweak their job scope if needed to assist them in attaining organisational goals.”

Masterclass Participant